Canadian Collection

Marilyn Christine’s first line of jewelry has been appropriately named The Canadian Wedding Bands.

Debuting in the summer of 2013, the bands feature hand engraved maple leaves which circle the ring. The bands come in a variety of styles, and are available in platinum, palladium or any colour gold. Even more possibilities exist, because each band is made here at marigolds engraving can be removed, stones set in the ring and different finishes applied.

Connect with your Canadian soul.

The Canadian Wedding Bands.

  • CWB001-004
  • CWB001_Starting_at_760Starting at $760
  • CWB002Starting at $599
  • CWB003Starting at $660
  • CWB004Starting at $699
CWB001-0041 CWB001_Starting_at_7602 CWB0023 CWB0034 CWB0045